Choice 2 (293) Sittin On Top O The World
 Outside the Box  is another site off this same tree with a blog page and articles I wrote but not necessarily current . other variations on this theme can be found at Bob Bruno,Music and Paintings  , Outside the Box   , The Continuing Cyber Adventures of Bob Bruno  ,and Inside The Box  . I have recently built a small site that houses my "Youtube" collection  of videos . Visit "A Video Box" for entertainment when you have a few minutes .I really like"Synthasite" and continue to have fun building sites . "Widgetville" is another  but there are no links from there or from "Other Sides"  a variation featuring a collection of other people's music  ,too. Bob's Place and Front Page are the newest variations on my theme . These newer sites feature full screen paints .Please feel free to contact me at Bob_Bruno@Cavtel.Net  or  Zoot_Bruno@Yahoo.Com   . I am happy to correspond . The "Superdreamer" Soundclick Mp3s are all downloadable versions if you follow the links to the site.
By Myself