Outside the Box  is another site off this same tree with a blog page and articles I wrote but not necessarily current . other variations on this theme can be found at Bob Bruno,Music and Paintings  , Outside the Box   , The Continuing Cyber Adventures of Bob Bruno  ,and Inside The Box  . I have recently built a small site that houses my "Youtube" collection  of videos . Visit "A Video Box" for entertainment when you have a few minutes .I really like"Synthasite" and continue to have fun building sites . "Widgetville" is another  but there are no links from there or from "Other Sides"  a variation featuring a collection of other people's music  ,too. Bob's Place and Front Page are the newest variations on my theme . These newer sites feature full screen paints .Please feel free to contact me at Bob_Bruno@Cavtel.Net  or  Zoot_Bruno@Yahoo.Com   . I am happy to correspond . The "Superdreamer" Soundclick Mp3s are all downloadable versions if you follow the links to the site.
Piano and Stringed Bass August 2019
Piano Mixes of 2017
Piano and Stringed Bass Oct 2015
Piano and Stringed Bass Sept 2015
Vocal Trios ( The Nineties )
" Glorioua" Bob on Guitar and Str Bass
Vocals 2000 Cd 1
Cd 2
Silent Morphing of Paintings