Slow Dancing is a collection of instrumental versions of slow pop songs .
Slow Dancing
Reds(With No Music)

"Lost Vocals" were remixed last week (April ,2016). Most of them were vocals with the piano but there are a few on which I played both piano and stringed bass behind the vocals. The piano and vocals were recorded at the same time throughout. I had stored the vocals on a site around 2005 and forgot about them. Listening to them once again was like rereading a book with more experienced eyes and soon I was involved remixing them , making the vocal sound a little warmer but the basic recordings are pretty much all first takes . A recording engineer would make me tow the line and  have me try it one more time but , well , were I to rerecord them myself in those moments ,the jazz vocal would lose it's spontaneity.

     There doesn't seem to be anything that doesn't change on line ,much as everything continues to change in "Real Life" . I am "Zoot" , "Maat", "Frankie_Machine" , and of course "Bob Bruno" but all the paints and music were made by me , collected over time and changes.This site is also part of life and change and nothing remains the same.

  The name "Maat" was from the Egyptian idea of truth or the way things should be . This site is in constant turmoil yet continues like everything and everyone else left in the world . This page will be edited again very soon . Today seems a temporary resolution ,tomorrow is a mystery.

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