Almost Live ... Well, Still under construction , once again , starting over ,changing like the seasons ,like time won't stop .  Here is a link that will open another page ,provide streaming listening with a player once to click one of the songs and sharing or downloading possibilities . Below the "Almost Live " cuts is another widget of "Raw Guitar Files Remixed" . Mixing files from around 1975 plus a few others . These are loud rock guitar tracks without the electronic music overdubs and transitions that I did later on "Electric , Almost Live". There are a couple songs that we didn't get to recording in the "Circus" package on the late sixties. "Invisibility" and "Wonders"(of minds)were formats that set up my guitar solos back then . I also did a kind of tribute to the "Travelin' Round" guitar solo which was featured by Vanguard on a double album vinyl in 2011 called "Follow Me Down,Vanguard's Lost Psychedelic Era". I mocked it in a way by mixing in and changing the speed of the original recording's guitar solo after a live take of "Travelin' " at a studio party from 1972.There are a few other themes in here as well, for instance the Albert Ayler "Prayer" which brought back a memory of playing guitar with Noah Howard at Sam Rivers loft in 1972.Noah called the song "Dedication"."Maybe This time" is an unfinished idea ,almost a sketch I meant to fill in later. I didn't even get the lyrics right but I liked the feeling of the lead line and left it naked as she stands

Electric ,Almost Live 

Electric Almost Live
Raw Guitar Files Remixed December 2015
Rockin' Again Pt 2
Keep Rockin that Piano ( a few more recent edits of ten or fifteen year old recordings from here 2015)
Dee Section Invisiblity Sweet Lovely Lady