Almost Live ... Well, Still under construction , once again , starting over ,changing like the seasons ,like time won't stop .  Here is a link that will open another page ,provide streaming listening with a player once to click one of the songs and sharing or downloading possibilities . Below the "Almost Live " cuts is another widget of "Raw Guitar Files Remixed" . Mixing files from around 1975 plus a few others . These are loud rock guitar tracks without the electronic music overdubs and transitions that I did later on "Electric , Almost Live". There are a couple songs that we didn't get to recording in the "Circus" package on the late sixties. "Invisibility" and "Wonders"(of minds)were formats that set up my guitar solos back then . I also did a kind of tribute to the "Travelin' Round" guitar solo which was featured by Vanguard on a double album vinyl in 2011 called "Follow Me Down,Vanguard's Lost Psychedelic Era". I mocked it in a way by mixing in and changing the speed of the original recording's guitar solo after a live take of "Travelin' " at a studio party from 1972.There are a few other themes in here as well, for instance the Albert Ayler "Prayer" which brought back a memory of playing guitar with Noah Howard at Sam Rivers loft in 1972.Noah called the song "Dedication"."Maybe This time" is an unfinished idea ,almost a sketch I meant to fill in later. I didn't even get the lyrics right but I liked the feeling of the lead line and left it naked as she stands

Electric ,Almost Live 

Electric Almost Live
Raw Guitar Files Remixed December 2015
Mean Man
Rockin' Again Pt 2
Keep Rockin that Piano ( a few more recent edits of ten or fifteen year old recordings from here 2015)
Dee Section Invisiblity Sweet Lovely Lady