The two albums above were made in 1967 and 1968 . I met Pete Troutner ( lower left on covers)and Jerry Jeff Walker (upper right on covers)in Austin Texas in 1965 where they were both on the road singing folk music in coffee houses. We moved to Houston Texas where we lived with Gary White (upper left on covers)who temprarily left his guitar and song writing abilities to became our bass player . The band reformed in Washington DC where Dave Scherstrom ( lower right on covers)took over the drum position from Lenny Cohen . We eventually moved to New York  where the recordings were done and many other adventures followed .Here is most of the collection with some unreleased recordings I saved from that era and genre(Bob  ,center on covers). Currently under construction on this site .Here are a Couple links ,temporarily , which will open another page , a player, and options to download or listen to the original Circus Maximus or the Maximae which are unpublished recordings from before and after 1967.



Circus Maximus and Neverland Revisited Streaming Circus Maximus
Wind (the Original) Cs Ds Plus
WInd ,the most recent Vocal ,June,2018, over Wind4Re , a more abstract impression over some of my recent composite paintings <
"The Lost Sea Dreamers" Was the name we chose in around 1965 before the New York adventures which included the "Electric Circus" house gig and making a couple of sides for Vanguard Records. Here are a few from reel to reel tapes I recorded of us that didn't make it to vinyl from way back when.. (The link for this site seems to load a little slow but they will come up if you want to hear these early cuts .) Lost Sea Dreamers