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           Len and Bob were a "Duo" for a Long Time . We hired other musicians to play with us locally over 45 years but never settled on one other man in our long friendship . The widget of duo cuts below are of us with occasional editing and bass by me . Len often suggested that I do this very concept because he knew me and saw me go through my incarnations of my musical career ,but we never got to it in the short forty five years we worked together ( haha ) . My computer  and recording skills have advanced too late . The basic recordings of us as an organ -drum duo were made by Len at his house . 

          Lenny Cohen played the drums among his many talents . We originally met in 1959 or '60 and played together from that time till he died in March 3, 2003 .We met in our formative years and we had a lot in common in our taste and development . Len encouraged me and backed me up and seemed to know what I meant sometimes when I didn't even see it myself .  I am glad that we took a little time in 2000 to make a few recordings of us . Our recordings actually go back to 1959 but the reel to reel tape is not very reliable anymore . Needless to say ,I didn't always buy the top brand of tape.We maintained our interest and excitement in jazz over the years though we both went in different directions together , growing apart as men will do . Len is sorely missed in this world .

A good friend , he is irreplacable .

"Love Supreme" by Len Cohen and Bob Bruno Supreme Remix
Organ Organ and Drums Jazz
Recent solos with drum machine , a far cry from the musical conversations of the past with Len now, over thirteen years ago .(RIP March 3,2003) This solo set was recorded the ninth and tenth of August 2016 .
Drown in My Own Tears