Once there was a spirit to my singing when I was younger that was the joy of singing . Me and my friends ( "The Lost Seadreamers" )went to places , for instance Washington Square Park ,under the great arch there , and sang with our guitars just to have an uninhibited place to sing . We were happy for those few moments singing outside our apartments ,not on stage , not for the people passing by ,but for ourselves ,the camaraderie , and the joy of singing . I called this going to the boondocks , as sometimes we did end up at a dock by water . The "Boondocks" was a place in our minds . It was a place that was uninhibited and free from responsibilities ,open to the pure beauty of harmony and the joy of singing . As we traveled the country together we thought we were like sailors going from port to port . As we matured and grew apart as men our motives changed and our goals became more complicated with families. Last night I sang and recorded songs of the sea and today I see ,in reflection ,that I might have been yearning for the voices of my old mates along with my own but they are gone now . My Character ,as I sing, is an Irish sailor , sure it's Seamus O'Bruno..haha...I may be out of tune and more robust than one would expect as I am a tee teetotaler these days but I remember the  spirit of freedom and the joy of singing with an old friend , even if the old friend is just a guitar or even if nobody is there but a memory . I am the last "Seadreamer" , "Superdreamer" and I sing alone though in triplicate..  HAAR MATEY !  haha

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